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Primary Care Designed for Seniors

SeniorSelect is a doctor’s office designed around you and your health. We provide seniors in Columbus, Ohio with a wide array of comprehensive services in a comforting environment – ensuring seniors feel heard and have access to the services and care they deserve.

The front of the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Oh. Dr. Mills answer a question regarding senior care services provided at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Ohio.
A senior woman checking her heart rate with her doctor.

Comprehensive Senior Care for Columbus, Ohio

The SeniorSelect Center provides comprehensive senior care services for the elderly in and around Columbus, Ohio. In partnership with Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) and National Church Residences – our expert team has over 83 years of experience that we use to provide a coordinated approach to care that focuses on your needs and goals.

With an exceptional array of services through our integrated Health Care and Life Care Programs, we provide a tailored, patient-focused care plan that encourages seniors to thrive during their retirement years.

Senior Primary Care Services

SeniorSelect Center members have access to the following specialty programs:

A senior woman talking to her cardiology specialist about her health.


A senior woman using a walker as she discusses fall prevention with her doctor.

Fall prevention

A senior woman participating in physical therapy exercises.

Physical therapy

An elderly woman doing breathing exercises as she works on her respiratory health.

Respiratory services

A senior man discussing his diabetes management plan with his doctor.

Diabetes management

A senior woman discussing a tobacco cessation plan with her doctor.

Tobacco cessation

An elderly man smiling from the exceptional care at the SeniorSelect Center.

Hospital care management

To ensure seamless care transitions after discharge

Two skilled nurses smiling together.

Skilled nursing facility care management

To help you recover quickly and return home with the support you need

Life Care: Our Approach to Wellness

Our Life Care Program accounts for every aspect of your well-being – from connecting you with community programs to ensuring that you have adequate food resources, discount programs for medication affordability, and more. Your dedicated team of care providers will encourage and support you to achieve your health goals so you can thrive throughout your golden years.

Our commitment to ensuring the betterment of your physical and mental health has led us to develop a program designed with the utmost attention to detail - accounting for every aspect of the senior health care and life care experience. The program starts with the Life Care 360 assessment which includes:

  • A comprehensive Life Care assessment, complete with all new members and annually thereafter.
  • Life Care follow-up meeting, completed within three days of the first visit to establish a care plan.
  • Consistent weekly contact during weeks three, four, and five ensures comprehensive coordination.
  • Individualized engagement care plan for all members.

Designed to foster collaboration and engagement, the SeniorSelect Center includes areas for seniors to socialize and participate in enriching activities. From relaxing in chair yoga and bingo to craft classes, our Life Care Enrichment Coordinator is dedicated to creating, assisting, and promoting these programs so that you can feel right at home at your local SeniorSelect center. Our care doesn’t end with your doctor’s visit—it’s just the beginning of what SeniorSelect can do for you.

A patient discussing her health care plan with her doctor.
Stephen Mills talking with a patient Dr. Mills providing senior care services to a patient at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus Ohio.

Senior Focused Physicians

Meet Dr. Steven Mills, a Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC) physician and our very own SeniorSelect superstar. As the SeniorSelect Center’s lead physician, he provides comprehensive physical care and is a dedicated member of our vibrant community.

When he’s not providing superior healthcare during appointments, you can find him chatting with members in our Welcome Café, or leading Movin’ with Mills’ group walks in our local Metro Parks. Learn more about Dr. Mills and his approach to senior care.

Accessible Senior Care in Columbus, Ohio

Two of the most important elements of our services include convenience and accessibility. We make taking care of your health more accessible than ever at our state-of-the-art center in Columbus, Ohio, keeping your medical center close to home and within reach.

With a fully equipped lab, Life Enrichment activities, a thriving senior community, and access to specialty services through COPC’s healthcare network, members can meet all their care needs through a single location.

A group of senior woman playing games together at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Ohio. A senior woman visiting her doctor to talk about her care plan.
A senior man visiting his doctor to talk about his care plan. A consultation room at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Ohio.

A New Standard of Senior Primary Care Services

SeniorSelect Center members have full access to COPC’s network of healthcare services and specialty programs.

  • Comprehensive senior care services.
  • Access to SameDay Centers which provide access to care outside of normal business hours and help our members avoid costly and time-consuming ER visits.
  • Experience extended appointment times so that you receive the attention you deserve. Our average visit time with physicians is 30 minutes, compared the 15 minutes most seniors get with a traditional primary care practice.

Patient-Centered Senior Care

At the SeniorSelect Center, our program is dedicated to coordinating the care that elevates your ability to thrive physically and mentally. We know that it isn’t just superior healthcare that matters, but truly comprehensive life care. From Life Enrichment activities to coordinated specialist visits, we provide all the patient-centered services you deserve.

On-site comprehensive senior care like never before:

A senior visiting her doctor for a wellness check-in.

Primary care services

A senior woman having a discussion on her lab work with her doctor.

Lab draws

The lobby at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Ohio.

Telehealth visits

A smiling member of the SeniorSelect team at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus Ohio.

Care coordination

Three senior women having coffee and laughing at the SeniorSelect Center.

Life Enrichment activities

A senior participating in physical therapy.

On-site podiatry

Hear What Our Patients are Saying

“I never thought I’d move from Florida to Ohio to be close to a doctor, but that’s exactly what happened. After taking a fall when visiting friends in Columbus, I started visiting the SeniorSelect Center for what I thought would be temporary care. I’ve never experienced this level of care before, and I knew I had to make the move to remain a part of this community.”


“I like it because everything I’ve needed so far has been located right here at the facility. I don’t have to run all over town.”


“To come into a place like the SeniorSelect Center, where everybody knows your name and who you are and is glad to see you, those are priceless gifts.”


“As a new patient of the SeniorSelect Center and Dr. Stephen Mills, I was impressed with the care and cooperation of the staff and Dr. Mills himself. I was scheduled to spend one hour with him, but when it was all over, he spent one hour and twenty minutes with me. He asked many pertinent questions and took the time to listen to me. In today's fast-paced world, you would be hard-pressed to duplicate this type of care. I highly recommend Dr. Mills and The SeniorSelect Center for your medical needs.”


“The facility is brand new and above all my expectations. Dr. Mills takes his time answering questions and asking questions to find out needs and help you in all aspects of your medical needs.”


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