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The Holiday Gift Guide for Grandkids: Exciting Gift Ideas for All Ages

The Holiday Gift Guide for Grandkids: Exciting Gift Ideas for All Ages

With the holiday season nearly upon us, you may find that you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your grandkids. Whether you love to spoil them or want to give them something meaningful that they’ll love, finding the right gift can often be a challenge.

To help you in your search for a gift your grandchildren will cherish, we researched some of the most popular gifts on the market for a wide array of ages and personalities. With both entertaining and educational presents in mind, check out our holiday gift guide for grandkids of all ages.

Holiday Gift Ideas from Grandparents to Grandchildren

These memorable gifts are broken down by age with options that cover a wide range of interests and hobbies. Check out these gift ideas that are sure to make their holidays magical.

Gift Ideas for Under-5s

When buying gifts for this fun age, your best option is to talk with your kids to find out what items your grandchildren need the most. This could be an opportunity to help them with things such as new clothes, car seats, or other critical needs. If you are looking for something else to surprise your grandbabies, consider one of these great options.

Magnet Blocks: Magnet blocks are great toys for children 12 months and up. Thanks to the block’s simple shape, they are perfect for younger kids to hold and stack. With magnet blocks, your grandkid’s imagination will flourish alongside their fine motor and critical thinking skills.

Balance Bike: Looking for a great gift for the four- to five-year-old range? Consider getting them a balance bike. These bikes are great for young kids to help improve balance and get them ready for the real thing. Not only will this gift encourage them to get outside, but it can also provide a great bonding opportunity for your family to go on group bike outings around the neighborhood.

Book Subscriptions: If you are on the hunt for the perfect educational gift, look no further than a book subscription for your grandchild. Subscriptions like Bookroo and LittleFunClub help encourage a passion for reading by sending out age-appropriate books every month. This is a great opportunity to give your grandkids a gift they can enjoy throughout the entire year – all while helping build their library.

Play Sets: Hobby playsets are a classic gift that kids have loved for generations. From play kitchens to workbenches, there are a wide array of options to inspire their playtime.

Gift Ideas for Your Grade School-Aged Grandchild

Elementary-aged grandchildren love to explore and try new things – which makes gift-buying exciting. Educational gifts and crafts are ideal for this age group.

Craft Kits: If your grandchildren have an interest in the arts, consider getting them a craft kit. From rock painting to craft binders with plenty of colored pencils, they are sure to love this interactive gift.

Lego Sets: This childhood staple is a great gift for the creative child in your family. While you can’t go wrong with a basic box of Legos, look for a set based on their current interests. From dinosaurs to superheroes, there are Lego sets available to match any interest.

Athletic Gear: If your grandchild is full of energy and has an interest in athletics, consider getting them a thoughtful gift based on their favorite activity. We recommend talking with your child about what sports your grandkids are into, but common options include a monogrammed gym bag, new shoes, and practice equipment.

Membership to the Local Zoo or Museum: Outings to the local zoo or science museum can make incredible gifts for your grandkids. Consider picking up an annual pass for you and them so you can make countless memories throughout the year.

Gift Ideas for Teenagers

As your grandchildren age into their teenage years, it may become more difficult to find out exactly what they are interested in. These tech-savvy teens are coming into their own – following their passions and trying to be more independent. We recommend having conversations with your grandkids to find out what they are really interested in – not just opting to give them gift cards or cash.

Headphones & Speakers: Nearly every teen has a favorite musician and genre that they love to listen to during their free time. Consider getting them a nice pair of headphones so that they can jam out to their top artist in style. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Apple Airpods or Beats by Dre headphones this holiday season.

If your grandchild is a music fanatic, you might consider getting them a vinyl record player. This retro staple has become mainstream once again among the younger generations and would make a great holiday gift.

Video Games: Interest in video games is at an all-time high, with no sign of slowing down. If you have a gamer in your family, you should learn more about what games they like to play to learn what gift they would love the most this holiday season. Keep in mind that video games can be intricate and particular.

Games that are currently popular with teens include Fortnite, Madden, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. Keep in mind that certain games, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends, do not have an initial cost to start playing, but have certain in-game purchase options that might be of interest to your grandchild.

We recommend finding out what video game console they play on (PS5, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch) and what games they are interested in to help guide your purchase. Have a conversation with them and they are sure to light up when they realize you want to know about their hobby.

Stylish Clothing & Accessories: One thing that hasn’t changed over the years is that teens love stylish clothing and accessories. Clothes are critical to self-expression and fitting in. While you could buy clothes for your grandchild, consider taking them clothes shopping at a local outlet mall or thrift shop. This is a great chance for them to get the clothes that they want and for the two of you to spend quality time together.

Experiences: Each moment you get to spend with your grandchild is truly a gift. In lieu of a traditional gift, consider taking them on an outing. Younger teens are sure to love go-karting or trampoline parks, while older teens would enjoy a day trip to an amusement park or theatrical performance.

Your thrill-seeking granddaughter might want to try indoor skydiving while your theater-going grandson would love tickets to a touring Broadway performance. When it comes to finding the right experience for your grandkid, make sure to tailor the experience to their interests and consider inviting their friends depending on the activity.

If you want to be the best grandparent ever, consider getting them concert tickets to their favorite musician. The look on their face when they find out they got tickets to Taylor Swift or Billie Eilish would be priceless.

Make the Most of This Holiday Season

While picking out the perfect gift can be rewarding and exciting, remember that your love and presence is just as important as the presents you buy. Finding the right gift can be challenging, but you know what doesn’t have to be? Finding a good senior primary care facility.

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