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Dr. Mills: Senior Primary Care Physician

Finding the right primary physician to meet your healthcare needs throughout your retirement can often be challenging. As you navigate your golden years, having a compassionate and knowledgeable senior-focused primary care doctor as a part of your team is critical.

Dr. Mills and the SeniorSelect team understand the importance of dedicated senior care. In partnership with COPC, we have created a welcoming senior healthcare center to provide seniors in Columbus, Ohio with a wide array of comprehensive services in a comforting environment.

The front of the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Oh. Dr. Mills answer a question regarding senior care services provided at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus, Ohio.

The Mills Mission

Dr. Mills’ passion is to help every patient that he works with to improve their lives and feel their best during their golden years. Taking care of your health as a senior is a critical step to having a long and enjoyable retirement. Dr. Mills believes that the role of a senior focused primary care physician is to provide holistic primary care to every patient – making sure they feel welcome and heard.

Dr. Mills providing senior care services to a patient at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus Ohio.
Senior primary care physician, Dr. Mills, giving advice to a elderly patient of his. Dr. Mills providing senior care services to a patient at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus Ohio.

Dr. Mills’ Background

A lifelong passionate internal medicine physician, Dr. Stephen Mills began his journey by earning his Bachelor of Science in Zoology and his Master of Arts in Physical Education and Exercise Physiology from The Ohio State University. Dr. Mills later went on to receive his Doctorate of Osteopathy from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, after which he completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Aultman Hospital/Timken Mercy Medicine Center in Canton, Ohio.

Dr. Mills is board certified in internal medicine and has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. In 2021, Dr. Mills relocated from Findlay, Ohio to Columbus to be closer to his family. Since then, he has been happily serving seniors in the greater Columbus area. In addition to his work, Dr. Mills is a member of the American Geriatric Society, a triathlete, and is always searching for new ways to pursue his passion for helping seniors lead healthier and happier lives.

SeniorSelect Center’s Care Team

The talented team at the SeniorSelect Center is comprised of clinicians and healthcare professionals that specialize in senior care. Our team’s goal is to provide each patient with individualized, holistic healthcare services. Our team is committed to the highest clinical and ethical standards, nurturing relationships with every patient and using our expertise to enhance the modernization of primary care.

What separates SeniorSelect from other providers is that we don’t just go through the motions of senior medical services in Columbus. We strive to deliver holistic care that goes beyond your physical health. We created the SeniorSelect Center around a model of community – to care for every aspect of your health throughout your retirement.

A smiling member of the SeniorSelect team at the SeniorSelect Center in Columbus Ohio.
A medical professional walking with an elderly patient. A patient room where Dr. Mills works provides senior care services in Columbus Ohio.

Senior Focused Primary Care Services

At the SeniorSelect Center, we have created a caring, knowledgeable, and passionate team to cater to each patient and their individual needs. Combined with the expertise of COPC senior care physicians and medical professionals, we have developed an easy process to welcome a new patient into our practice.

Interested in learning more about our senior focused primary care services? Click the button below to learn more about the services we offer to meet your unique medical needs and help you reach your healthcare goals.

Patient Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of the things Dr. Mills' patients have to say about their experiences with SeniorSelect:


“I live by myself–I am by myself–and it would be easy for me to get used to being completely by myself. So my favorite part [of SeniorSelect] is knowing that I can come here every day and be with other people. There’s so much to do and find here.”

“When you come, you don’t have to wait all day for your appointment. They get right on it!”

“I love how, whenever you have a question, they will always find somebody to help answer you. I just like the homeliness, the closeness, of SeniorSelect.”

“If I talk to a friend who needs a new health facility, I always ask, ‘Well, have you tried SeniorSelect? I guarantee you’re going to like it.’ ”

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