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Senior Care Services Columbus Ohio

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Services designed for the senior experience

If you’re looking for an exceptional senior-focused health care center that combines primary care with a life-enhancing community that feels like home, look no further than the SeniorSelect Center. Whether you are retired or approaching retirement age, finding the right provider can be a challenge. You want a provider with the right balance of compassion, experience, and all-around expertise in senior health. After all, this is the time of your life when care–especially healthcare–will be most important. That’s why SeniorSelect is the leading compassionate and comprehensive option for Columbus senior primary care.

Expert Care, focused on you

At SeniorSelect Center, you will have access to a variety of medical specialists that are part of Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC’s) network. When looking for the right health professionals as a senior, you may need to seek out specialists to meet your unique needs. After all, as you age, you may experience complications that are specific to you and your medical history, which means access to a network of specialists that communicate with each other can be very beneficial.

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Our partnership with COPC

SeniorSelect’s care model was born out of a collaboration between COPC and National Church Residences. COPC has provided quality primary care services in Columbus for decades and is one of the largest primary care groups in the country. It is through COPC’s healthcare network and specialty programs that we can offer the level of health care support our members need.

Expert Services OH

Through COPC’s robust medical network, our members have access to cardiology, fall prevention education, physical therapy, respiratory services, diabetes management, and tobacco cessation. You will always have access to these services as a SeniorSelect member, meaning that if a new issue presents itself, you can receive the treatment you need with a team that is used to collaborating for the benefit of our members!

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Tailoring our care to you

At the SeniorSelect Center, we provide a holistic model for senior health services that gives your doctor more time and information to get to know your unique medical profile and build a trusting relationship with you. The Life Care 360 Assessment, our integrated approach to care coordination, will help us tailor our services to your level of need. For example, all new members will have a personalized plan involving check-in calls and coordination to make the transition to SeniorSelect seamless and simple.

Years of dedication to treating Ohio seniors

With over 83 years of combined experience, the SeniorSelect Center’s collaborating partners– Central Ohio Primary Care and National Church Residences–have been integral to the Columbus senior health community! Our services are impactful because of our commitment to creating individualized, affordable, and effective healthcare solutions for seniors in Ohio.

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The care you need under one roof

One of the most important elements of our services is accessibility. We make taking care of your health more accessible than ever at our state-of-the-art center in Columbus, keeping your medical center close to home and always there when you need us. Our providers are on-call 24/7 to answer your questions, schedule same-day visits when available, making us a reliable partner when you need one. To us, it’s essential that our patients never have to wait to receive the help they need. Our healthcare resources are available no matter the time of day.

Service that feels like home

There are many options for healthcare in Columbus, from senior home care services to full-time assistance, but none that integrate health and community quite like SeniorSelect. Our services will allow you to receive SeniorSelect services on your terms as you age while welcoming in your loved ones to discuss any concerns they might have about your health and care.

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A seamless transition to Senior Care OH

Our Life Care 360 program makes getting started with SeniorSelect as seamless as possible. Our transition service is designed to make the process of changing your primary care provider easy. We begin with the Life Care 360 Assessment and initial engagement plan during your first 30 days. We will follow up with you accordingly and assign you a plan for Life Care Monitoring. Based on this plan, we will keep in touch with you to ensure you are well, enjoying your home life, and receiving the care and support you need.

Healthcare beyond the body

In addition to our medical services, we offer our seniors many programs to enhance their mental health and quality of life. Our team of dedicated SeniorSelect Guides act as patient liaisons, advocates, and counselors to support each senior through the Life Care program and beyond. The members of this wonderful team are there to support and advocate for you throughout transitioning to SeniorSelect and can discuss any questions or concerns you may have as you make this change.

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The integration of care and community

Staying socially active can present a bit of a challenge for some seniors. However, it is vital to our overall mental and physical health to surround ourselves with friends and community members whenever possible. Plus, aging is something that should be celebrated and shared with others! This is something that SeniorSelect prioritizes as much as your health. One of the most unique aspects of SeniorSelect is that we value our community, which is why we provide resources to help you build a community of like-minded people in the same stage of life.

New friends, new you

We’re here to help you stay your healthiest throughout retirement; SeniorSelect offers a variety of community activities, classes, and clubs to enhance your life throughout retirement. Very few providers design resources to help seniors become more socially active, which is one of SeniorSelect’s most important goals. Our team of Life Care Enrichment Coordinators is dedicated to creating, assisting, and promoting these programs. Before you know it, your community at SeniorSelect Center is going to feel like a second home.

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Retirement and mental health

From crafting classes and local Columbus nature hikes to lectures, we want to help keep you active and sharp while connecting you with other seniors that share your interests. Because emotional well-being is an overlooked but important element of aging, we provide members with a supportive environment and consistent opportunities to remain socially stimulated, active, and engaged.

Experts that know you best

Our doctors and healthcare professionals get to know each of their patients personally because we value a trusting doctor-patient relationship above all else. Your loved ones can be certain that SeniorSelect’s team will take the time to learn all about you and act as a friend and a healthcare provider.

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Choose SeniorSelect today!

If you’re looking for a compassionate healthcare center that will help you build a community during this new and exciting phase of your life, the SeniorSelect Center is the place for you. For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page here. We are here to make medical services easier and your retirement more enjoyable.

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